Gas solubility calculated with Peng-Robinson

To test Peng-Robinson, the high pressure solubility of a number of gases has been calculated. The results are presented here in graphs.
The input files are in the directory c:\phreeqc\pressure\gases, installed by phreeqc3.Installer.exe.

The files can be run from Notepad++ adapted for PHREEQC3 (which will be installed with phreeqc3), or by starting a DOS window and typing (for example)
            p O2_conc_PR_IS.phr
where O2_conc_PR_IS.phr is the name of the file.

Oxygen, in O2_conc_PR_IS.phr:

Nitrogen, in N2_conc_PR_IS.phr:

Methane, in CH4_conc_PR_IS.phr:

CO2 in 4M NaCl solution, in CO2_4M_NaCl.phr:

CO2 in Na2SO4 solutions, in P_CO2_Na2SO4.phr: