PHREEQC version 3 downloads

  • PHREEQC version 3.5.2 with (adapted) Notepad++ version 6.6.9: phreeqc3.Installer.exe.

    See release notes for what's new and debugged.

    For running in linux or on the Apple, install virtualbox by ORACLE.
    A windows version from XP onwards will work fine, but on XP you may have to install .NET4 from

    The manuals, the new Pitzer.dat and the updated help file are installed automatically by the Installer.

  • PHREEQC 3.5 Help, be up-to-date with new options...
    Download the help file as:
    •, a zip-file. Or
    • phreeqc.chm.exe, a self-extracting zip-file. Or
    • phreeqc.chm. The plain chm file. NOTE... Do not open this file, first right-click on the saved file, select Properties, Unblock, Apply, OK. Then, open it, left-clicking on the file.

  • PHREEQC Manual for version 3: manual3.pdf.

  • Model equations from the PHREEQC Manual for version 2 (1999): manual2_eqns.pdf.

  • New: Implicit calculation of diffusion and electro-migration allows for faster calculations and gives more stable results, see release notes, and for examples, electro-migration and electro-remediation, principles.

  • From 2015: Pitzer database for Na-K-Mg-Ca-Ba-Cl-CO2-HCO3-SO4-H4SiO4 at high T and P: zipped appendix to the paper, with examples and input files with data useful for checking geochemical codes that aim at calculating water-rock interaction at high T, P, and ionic strength.

  • Archive: Source code and databases.

  • David Parkhurst's site has other PHREEQC versions and the phreeqci GUI, and IPhreeqc modules for coupling Phreeqc with Python, Excel, and other codes.

  • Vincent Post's PHREEQC-2 for WINDOWS uses the obsolete version 2.18, but the interface is inviting and the keyword templates may be helpful when starting.

  • David Kinniburgh's PhreePlot allows to make accurate pe-pH diagrams and has a wealth of options for plotting other chemical data, for example:

    pe-pH-As pe-pH-As+sorbed species As sorbed species as function of P_CO2 and PO4

    See the gallery of PhreePlot for more examples.